About Heidi

2009 Heidi Ahlbom graduates from Istituto Marangoni, Milan, Italy

2009 Heidi Ahlbom works behind the scenes during Milan Fashion Weeks

2009 The idea of Heidi A. clothing line was born

2010 The first collection was designed

2011 Heidi A. first website sees daylight

2014 Heidi A. webshop opens

2017 Heidi.A.Design is born and the atelier opens in Rauma, Finland

Heidi.A.Design was founded by Heidi Ahlbom. She was born in the small city of Rauma in Western Finland. As a child she was always helping her mom make beautiful dresses for her. Her childhood played an important role in her future decision to become a fashion designer. In 2009 she graduated from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. After completing her studies, she worked behind the scenes during the 2009 and 2010 Milan Fashion Weeks and designed clothes for both women and men for a Dutch sports brand.

A few years ago Heidi Ahlbom wanted to create her own clothing line for babies and little children. She wanted to make children`s clothes that were unique and handmade, with no pastel shades, just like the clothes she used to wear as a child. In the fall of 2009 the clothing line took its first steps.

The designs are classic with a joyful twist, a little bit of punk and a little bit of romance. She also wants her collection to show her Scandinavian roots. The color palettes range from nudes to pearly whites, ice whites like snow, browns like chocolate, caramel and cappuccino, blues from marine to denim, greens from army to forest and always black- black like the famous “little black dress”. Often the designs are inspired by the high quality materials she loves.

Every single garment has a unique detail – it can be the buttons or a decoration, or maybe a different-color lining. All the materials are high quality and hand-picked on Heidi Ahlbom`s many trips around the world. Often the accessories are found in little shops or vintage markets. The fast-growing children and the durability of the garments are important to her when she designs.

Heidi.A.Design is for Mothers, hip Fathers and loving Grandparents who cherish the type of luxury associated with high quality products, innovative original design, and attentiveness to detail.

All the garments are made in the Heidi.A.Design atelier in Milan, Italy or Rauma, Finland.  Every piece is brought to life with passion and love, creating items that can be considered as works of art.

Heidi.A.Design loves to style and photograph the editorials herself. It is important for her that every single detail is thought through. The personal contact with each baby or child she works with is rewarding.

As an addition to the baby and children clothing Heidi Ahlbom designs unique wedding and evening wear for women.

Favorite pieces

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