Handmade ties for classical trendy men. All ties are unique and it`s possible to custom order what ever tie colour you prefer. Ties are made of silk and lace. They are all numbered and a real piece of art.

Näytetään tulokset 1–15 / 16

  • black tie 2

    Black silk macrame lace tie

  • Black macrame tie 1

    Black silk macrame lace tie with blue lining

  • black macrame tie

    Black silk tie with big macrame lace

  • Burgundy tie

    Burgundy lace silk tie

  • dark blue macrame tie

    Dark blue silk macrame lace tie, +10cm

  • electric blue tie

    Electric blue silk macrame lace tie

  • L.valkoinen silkki solmio

    Elegant white silk lace tie

  • black gray came tie

    Grey and black feather patterned tie

  • gray lace tie

    Grey lace silk tie

  • Men bowtie, dark grey

    Men bowtie; dark grey checked fabric

  • Rosa tie

    Old rosa silk tie with macrame lace

  • orange tie

    Orange lace silk tie

  • Peach tie

    Peach silk lace tie

  • pink tie

    Pink silk lace tie

  • white silk macrame tie

    Stylish white silk lace tie

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