Baby Girls

Heidi.A.Design knows which dresses will make your baby girl standout. You can’t resist the unique designs and original appliques that allow children to be beautifully attired in age-appropriate babywear that can go from church to playdate.

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  • Linen A-lined dress

    A-line linen dress with application

  • A-line Scottish dress

    A-line Scottish dress

  • apple green beanie

    Apple green beanie with a pom pom

  • Army green beanie with lid

    Army green beanie with a lid

  • Army green dress

    Army green cotton jersey dress

  • army green pants

    Army green cotton jersey pants

  • army green pants

    Army green cotton jersey pants

  • B & W dress in silk with a satin ribbon

    B & W dress in silk with a satin ribbon

  • bunny helmet hat fuchsia

    Baby helmet hat with a bright bunny print

  • blue bunny helmet beanie

    Baby helmet hat with blue bunny print

  • shorts flamengo

    Baggy flamingo shorts

  • beige white beanie

    Beige and white striped beanie

  • beige white beanie with bow

    Beige and white striped beanie with a pom-pom

  • beige beanie with lid

    Beige beanie with a lid

  • beige kimono

    Beige cotton jersey dress