Baby Boys

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  • mint green beanie with pompom

    Mint green cotton jersey beanie with a pom-pom

  • mint green pants

    Mint green cotton jersey pants

  • Navy blue wool pants with straps

    Navy blue wool pants with straps

  • blue coat

    Navy wool coat with teddy bear

  • white beanie and tube scarf set

    Newborn beanie and tube scarf

  • denim vest

    Petite denim vest with a teddy bear

  • turquoise white beanie

    Petrol blue and white striped beanie

  • turquoise beanie with pom pom

    Petrol green beanie with fur pom-pom

  • denim overall Diesel

    Recycled denim overall

  • denim romper, 62cm

    Recycled denim romper 62cm

  • romper 68cm,straight

    Recycled denim romper 68cm

  • romper gray 68cm

    Recycled denim romper 68cm, black

  • romper 74cm

    Recycled denim romper 74cm

  • romper 86cm

    Recycled denim romper 86cm

  • red beanie with pom pom

    Red beanie with pom-pom