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  • Linen A-lined dress

    A-line linen dress with application

  • beige kimono

    Beige cotton jersey dress

  • B&W squared dress

    Black and white checked dress

  • Golden print princesse dress

    Black princess dress with golden pattern

  • Sarita black lace dress 3

    Black sleeveless lace dress

  • Checked fabric dress with a fur heart

    Checked fabric dress with a fur heart

  • Checked pattern dress with a bow

    Checked pattern baby dress with a bow

  • beach dress

    Cute beach printed long dress

  • fall leaves print dress

    Cute fall leaves printed long dress

  • picnic print dress

    Cute picnic printed long dress

  • White wedding dress, back

    Elegant wedding dress

  • Flower girld dress, Alexa

    Flower girl dress

  • mint green tunika

    Mint green cotton jersey dress

  • Little old rose dress

    Old rose baby dress

  • old rose dress 68cm

    Old rose baby dress with burgundy ribbon