House Hunters International, March 2012

Mar 26, 2012

House Hunters International, an american reality television channel filmed how Heidi A., a Finnish fashionista moves to Milan to start her own baby clothing line.

Episode Summary: Heidi’s two passions in life are fashion and Italy, leaving her destined to live in Milan. Having grown up sewing with her mother and traveling to Italy with her family, it was a natural progression for Heidi to immerse herself in this fashion capital.  She studied design, learned the language and now this ambitious fashionista is moving to Italy to start her own clothing line.  She wants an apartment that is stylish and sophisticated, but she also needs enough space for a design studio in her home.  She prefers to live where it is trendy, yet budget constraints may mean expanding into less familiar locales. Can Heidi find a balance between the Italy she knows and the Italy she’s only just beginning to discover?  Find out when House Hunters International travels to Milan, Italy.

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