Heidi.A.Design adores to dress women unique and makes one-by-one pieces for women who love quality, who want to stand out from the crowd and who want to spoil themselves. 

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  • black lace skirt

    Black macrame lace pencil skirt

  • black lace top

    Black macrame lace top

  • ostrich skirt

    Black ostrich feather miniskirt

  • black cotton lace top

    Black short cotton lace top

  • gray blue Burberry skirt

    Burberry wool pencil skirt

  • Purple silk top

    Burgundy silk top

  • White wedding dress, back

    Elegant wedding dress

  • white silk dress

    Elegant white silk dress

  • Fuchsia women beanie

    Fuchsia adult beanie

  • golden lace top

    Golden lace top

  • dwarf skirt

    Miniskirt with dwarf pattern

  • orange women lace skirt

    Orange lace skirt women

  • seepra skirt front

    Pencil skirt with tiger pattern