Tip #1: Heidi.A.Design uses European Sizing in centimeters

Heidi.A.Design knows that it’s hard enough to buy clothes for children without the additional challenge of having to guess if the item will even fit. As long as you have an idea of your child’s size, you’ll know right away if that a dress marked 68cm will indeed fit your 2 month old.

Tip #2: The Labeled Size is the Maximum Size When No Age Range is Listed

Up until the age of 24 months, if an item is labeled “12 months” or “18 months” without an age range, translate it to mean “9-12” or “12-18” months. A size chart is always more accurate than an age range in determining the best fit for your child, but when there is no size chart, or even an age range, always select one size up from your child’s current age.

Tip #3: European Sizing is Simple and Accurate

European sizing is based on children’s height, so if you know your child’s height and can convert it from inches to centimeters, you will always know exactly which size to buy.

The following chart converts inches to centimeters and lists the corresponding European size. It also shows the U.S. age ranges to give you a familiar point of reference.

10-18                25-46                        n/a                              Preemie
18-22                46-56                        56                                 NB-3 m
22-24                56-61                        62                                  3-6 m
24-25                61-64                        68                                  6-9 m
26-30                66-76                        74                                  9-12 m
30-33                76-84                        80                                 12-18 m
32-35                81-89                        86                                  18-24 m
35-37                89-94                        92                                  2
37-40                94-102                      98                                  3
39-43                99-109                      104                                3-4
43-48                109-122                    110-116                        5-6

Tip #4: Boutique Clothing Tends to Run Small

When buying clothing with sophisticated embellishments and stitching, unless a size chart is provided, buy one size up, especially in the infant sizes that have smaller ranges than the toddler sizes.

Keep in mind that boutique designs frequently require special care, such as hand-washing or cold water washing and line drying, and can shrink or be damaged when washed and dried by machine.